A father and son from Ohio were arrested this morning (7/1) for possessing over two pounds of raw marijuana, and another two pounds of marijuana edibles, waxes and oils, after the car they were driving was stopped for speeding. This morning around 8:30 a.m.

Indiana State Trooper Mark Hanna was on I-70 near the New Castle exit when he clocked an east bound Ford Fusion at 89 M.P.H. in the 70 M.P.H. zone.

Hanna got the vehicle stopped near the New Castle exit and made contact with the driver, Christofer Karr, age 39 of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, who was found to be unlicensed. As Hanna spoke to the driver and his passenger, 22-year-old Todd Karr, also of Reynoldsburg and also unlicensed, he could smell the odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Troopers Snyder and Fields were nearby and came to assist Hanna with the traffic stop.

Further investigation by the officers turned up two pounds of packaged raw marijuana, and another two pounds of packaged marijuana edibles, waxes, and oils. The father-son duo had recently visited Colorado, (where marijuana and its derivatives are legal,) and purchased the items at a marijuana dispensary.

While legal to possess in Colorado, raw marijuana and associated products are not legal to possess in Indiana. Christofer and Todd Karr were arrested and lodged in the Henry County Jail for “A” Misdemeanor Dealing Marijuana.