A mother and son were arrested over the weekend for making meth at their home south of Salem.

Noah R. Payton, 36, and his mother, Deborah Lynn Payton, 63, were both arrested after police were originally called after the mother was found unresponsive on the lawn at 9533 South Big Springs Road. 

Deborah Lynn Payton
Noah R. Payton

The 911 call came in at 10p on Thursday, August 16 and Washington County EMS and Jackson Township First Responders were dispatched to the scene. 

Dispatch subsequently requested Washington County Sheriff‘s Deputy to assist.

Brad Naugle of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, along with Deputy Paul Ginkins responded.

“When we arrived, I located a female, later identified as Deborah Peyton, in the backyard laying on the ground and Deborah appeared to be intoxicated but was awake,” wrote Naugle in his affidavit. “We asked Deborah how much she had had to drink today and she replied that she was stressed out because she had to take care of her three grandchildren and deal with Noah’s girlfriend. Deborah stated that she had been mowing with the riding lawn mower and she had gotten the lawn mower stuck on hill.”

Naugle stated it appeared to him that she had gotten off the mower and possibly passed out in the yard.

An individual named Noah Peyton informed Naugle that he had located his mother, Deborah, and that she was unresponsive and would not wake up and he had called 911.

According to the affidavit, Noah further stated to Naugle that Deborah had consumed approximately one liter of vodka during the day.

Deborah was evaluated by Washington County EMS and it was determined that she did not have any injuries, but they did advise she would need assistance back inside the residence.

“As we were helping Deborah to the house, Noah stated he was going to move the lawn mower,” wrote Naugle. “We assisted her into the house. Noah parked the lawn
mower in the front of the house and came inside. As EMS was walking Deborah to bedroom that Noah directed them to, Noah removed key from his pocket and unlocked deadbolt style lock on the bedroom door and opened it to let them in.”

Naugle noted that he then stepped back outside and at that time observed in plain view small clear Ziploc baggie that appeared to have white residue on the porch of the residence.

Naugle said the residue field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Naugled stated, “I walked back inside and asked Noah if he would step outside and speak with me. I mirandized Noah and at that time [he] became argumentative and stated it had been month since he snorted any methamphetamine and the methamphetamine on the porch belonged to his girlfriend who had left earlier in the day.”

Naugle said Noah initially consented to the search of his room inside the residence and then as Naugle was obtaining the consent form, Noah withdrew his consent and became disruptive to the point that he had to be handcuffed and asked to sit in a chair on the porch.

As Naugle was speaking to Noah, Deborah exited the house and came out where they were speaking.

Naugle wrote, “I asked Deborah to have seat in the other chair and she did so. I explained to Deborah what had located on the porch and she mumbled but could not understand her. I continued speaking with Noah and at that time Deborah started cussing and attempted to grab the baggy and the field testing kit of table where I had laid it. I asked her to please stop and Deborah stood up and started cussing, stating it was her “fucking house.””

Naugle radioed dispatch for another officer to assist and Salem City Police Officer Chad Webb advised he was enroute.

Child Protective Services was contacted and the three children were removed from the home.

Washington County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mark Wynn assisted with the affidavit for search warrant.

Naugle wrote, “While on the phone, I heard adisturbance coming from the front porch. I then observed Deborah to be cussing and screaming. She was also kicking at Officer Webb and
observed her actually kick him three times in his stomach and upper leg area. I walked up onto the porch and Officer Ginkins was attempting to keep Noah under control because he was trying to get out of the chair and was yelling.”

Deborah was placed under arrest at this time for disorderly conduct and battery on a police oficer. Officer Webb escorted Deborah to his patrol car and placed her in the front passenger seat.

The affidavit indicated that after she was placed in the passenger seat, Deborah began kicking again and kicked Ofiicer Webb at least twice in the leg and also kicked Naugle twice in his left leg. At that time she was placed in restraints.

Officer Webb transported Deborah to the Washington County Detention Center where she was remanded to jail staff.

Naugle met with Judge Frank Newkirk Jr to obtain and search warrant for the home and returned to the location.

During the execution of the search warrant in the southwest corer bedroom closet, Naugle located a camouflage backpack.

“Inside the backpack, I observed a bottle of Liquid Fire, a lid with two rubber hoses attached to it, and a clear baby food jar containing red powder,” he wrote. “I believed that these items could be consistent in being a methamphetamine lab.”

Naugle then contacted ISP Trooper Brett Walters who came to the scene and confirmed it to be a methamphetamine lab.

Trooper Walters contacted ISP Sgt. Katrina Smith to assist him in collecting evidence and disposing of the lab materials.

Naugle informed Noah Peyton that he was under arrest and Deputy Allen Taylor who had arrived on scene to assist transported him to the Washington County Detention Center where he was remanded to the jail staff. 

Deborah Peyton was charged with:

  • Manufacturing Methamphetamine level felony
  • Battery against public safety official level felony
  • Neglect of dependent level felony X3
  • Disorderly conduct class Misd
  • Unlawful possession of syringe level felony
  • Resisting Law Enforcement class Misd
  • Possession of Methamphetamine level felony
  • Possession o
  • f narcotic drug level felony
  • Possession of paraphemalia class Misd
  • Maintaining Common Nuisance level felony

Noah Peyton was charged with:

  • Manufacturing Methamphetamine level felony
  • Neglect ofa dependent level felony
  • Unlawful possession ofsyringe level felony
  • Possession ofMethamphetamine level felony
  • Possession ofnarcotic drug level felony
  • Possession ofparaphernalia class Misd
  • Maintaining Common Nuisance level felony