The Paoli Police Department recently became aware of a social media post regarding two
elderly people attempting to lure a teenager into their vehicle.

This was reported to Police and Officers did respond to the area, according to Sgt. Tyler Phillips of the Paoli Police Department.

As a result of this report, as well as others, which are also being shared on social media, we promptly initiated an investigation.

Officers have been working diligently since the original report was made in an attempt
to identify any potential suspects or imminent threats to public safety.

After a thorough investigation, these individuals have been identified.

Officers have spoken with them at great length and at this time, the investigation has shown no crimes were committed and there was no legitimate threat to public safety.

Officers encourage anyone who witnesses suspicious behavior or believes they may
have been the victim of a crime to contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

As reports are made, Officers of the Paoli Police Department will respond and investigate