Police continue to investigate an early Sunday morning shooting in Vallonia that sent one man to the University of Louisville Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and a 66-year-old man to jail for attempted murder. 

Washington County Sheriff Brent Miller said a 911 call came into the dispatch 4:52a from Shona L. Root, 47, 10005 North Hattabaugh Road in Washington County (Vallonia).

Location in Vallonia, In where the shooting took place on Sunday morning.

The caller said that Roger N. Root, 66, had shot Richard L. Williams, 46, who was rushed to St. Vincent Hospital in Salem. 

Williams was transported to U of L Hospital and was listed in stable condition Sunday evening.

Indiana State Police Detective Travis Baker was called to assist at 7:23a Sunday.

Baker said he interviewed the younger Root, and Jason B. Howard, whom she said was living with her at the residence. Baker also said he tried to interview the elder Root but “due to his state of impairment, the interview was concluded until a later date.”

Roger N. Root, 66
Roger N. Root, 66

When asked about what type of impairment he was under, Washington County Prosecutor Dustin Houchin responded: “The matter is still under investigation, and we expect to answer some of those questions as the investigation proceeds.”

Shona Root told Baker that Williams and Roger Root were staying the night at her house and had just met earlier in the day. 

Shona Root told police that between 2 and 4a Roger Root went outside.

“She said that when he returned, he appeared to be very agitated and aggressive,” Baker wrote in his probable cause affidavit. “She said he kept saying, ‘They are going to kill me.'”

Howard told Baker that he had gone downstairs and heard Root come back in the house saying, ‘They’re after me’. 

Baker said Howard dismissed the statement and continued back upstairs to bed. 

Root said she was in the bathroom and came out “to see Mr. Wililams bleeding and bent over holding his stomach.”

Howard said when he got upstairs he heard gunshots and Williams screaming. 

Baker said she told him that Willams said “he shot me” several times. Howard rushed downstairs and they helped Williams into a vehicle and rushed him to St. Vincent Hospital in Salem. 

Baker said both Howard and Root told him that Root was the only other person in the house and was in a bedroom where the sound of the gunshots came from. 

It is not known where Root was after the three went to the hospital or how the altercation began or why Root came to shoot Williams. 

Baker responded to the scene along with ISP Crime Scene Technicians. 

Root was transported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. 

As a result of the investigation, Roger Root is charged with one count of Attempted Murder, a Level 1 Felony, and is incarcerated at the Washington County Jail. 

The report didn’t indicated if Root was arrested at the scene or at the Sheriff’s Department.