Yesterday (10/15) a trooper’s training and quick actions helped save a woman who was choking at a local restaurant. Senior Trooper Scott Keegan, who is an Indiana State Police Firearms Instructor, was in his range clothes for training yesterday when he stopped for lunch at the Hacienda Vieja Restaurant in Pendleton.

Around 12:15 p.m. Keegan was eating his lunch when he noticed that an elderly female had approached the serving staff.  The server, knowing Keegan was a trooper, gestured to him that the 75 year old woman was choking.  Keegan’s training kicked in and he immediately took action delivering back blows then an abdominal thrust to the woman, clearing her airway.

After catching her breath, the woman was able to speak with Keegan before resuming her meal. Keegan credits his yearly First Aid and Tac-Med Training in helping to prepare him for situations like this one. “I’m glad that the staff knew who I was and knew that I could help. I’m thankful I could assist.” This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of troopers living and participating in the communities they serve. As the old saying goes, “An Indiana State Trooper is never off duty.”