On November 8, 2019, Deputy Keith Hartman with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of theft on Alsup Road in rural Scott County. 

After speaking with the victim, Deputy Hartman began patrolling the area.  Shortly thereafter he located a vehicle sitting at a residence that was described as a possible suspect vehicle. 

While continuing the investigation Deputy Hartman discovered a male in possession of a stolen article that had just been reported. 

This led to the arrest of Jimmy Gay, 48, of Lexington, for Theft with a Prior Unrelated Conviction. 

Deputy Hartman continued investigating which led him to locate numerous other items that had been reported as stolen.

During his investigation, Deputy Hartman working with Washington County Deputies applied for a search warrant.

The search warrant was granted and executed in the evening hours of November 9, 2019, at a residence which was located in Washington County, (close to the Scott County line).

As a result of the search warrant, additional stolen items were located and additional charges will be sought.       

Sheriff Jerry Goodin said, “People work hard and when other people steal something that does not belong to them, it makes you angry.”

“Anytime we can recover stolen items and take an alleged thief off the streets it is a good case,” said Goodin, who commended Deputy Hartman and the other deputies involved on their continued dedication to making Scott County the safest county in the mid-west.