The Scott County Commissioners mandated that the Scott County Sheriff’s Office take over security from the existing security company at the Scott County Courthouse. Beginning January 2nd, the Scott County Courthouse will be changing the way people enter and exit the courthouse.

As part of the changes, everyone, including employees, entering and exiting the courthouse will have to enter and exit on the east side of the courthouse, (side containing the handicapped accessible ramp). Every person to include any purse or bag they are in possession of will be subject to a search and walking through a metal detector, looking for weapons or instruments of harm to others.

The Scott County Courthouse already has an existing Local Rule that was ordered by the Scott County Courts known as LR72-AR00-15. This local rule states:

No guns, knives or weapons of any kind shall be allowed in the Scott County Courthouse except those in possession of law enforcement or other persons duly authorized by the Judges or the Scott County Commissioners to possess the same in the Courthouse. Law enforcement, Courthouse Security or Court Staff are authorized to conduct searches of anyone in the Courthouse to ensure compliance with the rule.

Security cameras, in keeping with professional judicial standards, are authorized within the Courthouse and under such terms and conditions as approved by the Judges. The provisions of this rule apply to the security devices with the Courtrooms. No recordings or reproductions from such security cameras shall be made without the approval of the Judges and no recordings made from such cameras shall be used for any purpose without the approval of the Judges.

We know it may be confusing or frustrating at first but, as time goes on, it will become as commonplace as the way things operate now. Actually, most courthouses across the United States and Indiana already have this style of security in operation and it was mandated by the Indiana Supreme Court. The Indiana Supreme Court adopted Administrative Rule 19, Court Security Plans, which was effective January 1, 2014.

If anyone has a question about how to access the courthouse for any reason, you can call 812-722-0905, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, (regular courthouse hours).