Based on the updated guidance of Governor Holcomb, the Indiana State Department of Health and the Washington County Department of Health, Salem Community Schools will extend our closure until April 10, according to Superintendent Jon Acton.

“Schools will open no sooner than April 13,” he said. “This situation continues to rapidly change and the return date could possibly extend via updated federal and state guidance.”

Beginning Tuesday, March 17, Salem schools will begin remote learning for all students.

Staff will post assignments and or communication to students/parents by 9 am via email, google classroom or other previously discussed sources.

“These assignments will not be returned on a daily basis but rather completed over the course of the closure,” Acton said. “From March 17 until April 13 all school building activities including school day instruction, pre-school, athletics, extra or co-curricular activities are canceled.” 

The following table shows our four-week plans as of today for Remote Learning and Food Service Options.

Please contact the Superintendent’s Office for further information and to help determine the number of meals to prepare. The phone number is 812.883.4437.

“We understand the tremendous hardship and stress placed on parents and students not just in Salem but all across the country. We are doing our part to help protect Salem families and those most vulnerable to the coronavirus (CoVID-19),” Acton said. “Please follow the social distancing and health recommendations from federal, state and local health agencies.”

For up to date community information please see the WSLM Facebook page on Kentuckiana Covid 19 information.