Red rubber seal stamp with Limited Access text. Vector message inside rectangular frame. Grunge design and scratched texture for watermark labels. Inclined sign.

Sheriff Jerry Goodin spoke with the Scott County Commissioners, the Scott County Health Department, the Scott County Jail Nurse and The Scott County Attorney, in reference to limiting access to the Scott County Jail to all visitors as a precautionary step in preventing the Coronavirus from entering into the jail. 

The decision was made with total support from the entities listed above.

Because the jail is self-contained and living quarters are close for not only the prisoners but the jail staff, the possibility of spreading a virus such as a Coronavirus is greater than in the normal public. 

Sheriff Goodin wants to stress that this is a precautionary step and at this time there are NO CURRENT CASES of the Coronavirus in the Scott County Jail.

Sheriff Goodin also wanted the public to know normal policing operations, jail operations with inmates, arrests, etc. will continue as usual.

There will be no public fingerprinting, jail classes or non-essential programs.

Though it may be an unpopular decision to limit access to the jail to some, it is a step that must be taken for the best interest of not only the prisoners but also the Scott County Sheriff’s Employees and Scott County as a whole.  Sheriff Goodin stated, “it is much wiser to be pro-active than reactive”.

Prisoner access and remote visits will still be available online by going to

Any further questions can be answered by calling the Sheriff’s Office at 812-752-8400.