EXECUTIVE ORDER red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

Due to the state’s website crashing earlier, here are downloadable copies of the four executive orders passed this morning. 

In all, Governor Holcomb issued four executive orders:

  1. EO 20-08. Stay at Home. Provides for essential and non-essential business and operations, infrastructure, government services, travel, and activities outside of one’s home.
  2. EO 20-09. Continuity of State Operations. Provides for the continuing operation of state government from 5 p.m. today through 8 a.m. April 7 with restricted access to government buildings and services.
  3. EO 20-10. Enforcement Directive Regarding Prohibition of In-Person Dining.

This Directs that state and local boards of health and the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) take all available administrative and enforcement actions against establishments that continue to offer in-house dining services, in violation of the governor’s executive order of March 16.

  • Health departments will deliver letters ordering restaurants that continue to provide in-person dining to cease such operations. If they do not comply, fines will be levied.
  • For restaurants with alcohol permits that continue to offer in-person dining, the ATC will issue an order in writing for the establishment to cease such operations. If the activity continues, the ATC will suspend the entity’s liquor license and will consider the non-compliance at the time of permit renewal
  • 4..EO 20-11. Provisions for carryout consumption of alcohol.

This relaxes the sale of carryout alcoholic beverages for dining establishments. This includes establishments that allow for on-premises consumption only and those that are permitted carryout permits dependent on a percentage of on-premises sales.


Executive Order 20-11 (Carryout Consumption of Alcohol)

Executive Order 20-08 (Stay at Home)

Executive Order 20-09 (Continuity of Government Operations)

Executive Order 20-10 (Enforcement of In-Person Dining Prohibition)