In an effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) per order of Indiana Codes IC 16-20-1-24, IC 36-8-2-4 and IC 36-8-2-5, Dr. Jeffrey G. Morgan, Washington County Health Officer, do hereby order a mandate for all non-essential retail services to close walk-in services to the public.

This includes, but may not be limited to:
 Auctions
 Automobile dealers (except for service vehicles)
 Appliance Stores (except for servicing appliances)
 Electronics Stores (except for servicing electronics)
 Cosmetic Stores
 Salons, Beauty/Nail & Barber Shops
 Tattoo; Piercing Parlors
 Clothing; Shoe Stores
 Jewelry Stores
 Sporting Goods
 Music Stores
 Book Stores
 Hobby & Craft Stores
 Florists
 Libraries
 Fitness Centers/ Gyms, playgrounds & equipment at parks/public places
 Sports Training Facilities/Schools
 Pet Groomers
 Stationary; Gift Stores
 Factories not making life-sustaining products and must be able to meet a 6 foot or more
distance for all employees
 Churches; Religious Entities

Exemptions to this mandate are as follows (while keeping 10 persons or less and a 6 foot or more distance for the public):

 Auto, Appliance; Electronic Repair Services
 Car Rental

 Home/Garden Supply
 Banks, Credit Unions; Financial Services
 Grocery, Markets; Beverage Stores
 Pharmacies; Medical Supply Stores
 Gas/Diesel Fueling Stations
 Supercenters
 Pet Stores
 Delivery, Carryout, and Curbside Food Services
 Agriculture
 Emergent Medical and Dental Care
 Insurance Agencies
 Childcare Centers proving care for employees under these exemptions
 Walking/hiking trails

All Non-essential retail services shall remain closed, beginning immediately, until further notification from the Washington County Health Department.

All mandates and exemptions are subject to change.