According to the Indiana State Health Department, Washington County now has 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19 virus – up three from yesterday’s count. 

There are still no deaths being reported by ISHD for Washington County.

This averages one confirmed case per day for the 12 days since the first case was reported by the Washington County Health Department on March 22. 

That first case was a patient confirmed to be at Schneck Memorial Hospital in Seymour that tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, March 22. 

That patient has a Scottsburg, IN address but lives in Washington County. 

The WCHD has said it would release no further information on any Covid-19 patients in the county due to possible violations of patient’s rights. 

Washington County’s second confirmed case was on March 23, followed by a third case on March 25. 

Cases four and five came the following day, and case number 6 on March 30. 

Three new cases were confirmed in yesterday’s state health update. 

WSLM will continue to update these numbers from the state each day. 

Around the WSLM Listening Area, here’s a look at how other counties are doing:

  • Lawrence County – 12 cases (1 new confirmed case)
  • Jackson County – 19 cases (9 new confirmed cases)
  • Scott County – 5 cases (4 new confirmed cases)
  • Clark County – 49 cases (11 new confirmed cases)
  • Floyd County – 34 cases (13 new confirmed cases)
  • Harrison County – 18 cases (3 new confirmed cases)
  • Crawford County – 1 case (no change)
  • Orange County – 1 case (no change)
Statewide there were 3,039 positve cases reported today, with 78 total deaths and 16,285 total tests. 
That almost doubles the number of cases from Monday, which was 1,786. There were 35 deaths reported Monday with 11,658 tests given.