The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of setting up three military tents at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, (1), and the Scott County Health Department, (2). 

These tents are being set up with the assistance of the Indiana National Guard as a precautionary and training action only.

“We want to be prepared for any possible needs we may encounter in the future due to the Coronavirus, (Covid-19), or any other disaster that could hit us medically, weather, etc.,” according to Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office has been working with the Scott County Health Department and others to help keep citizens, employees and prisoner’s safe.

Sheriff Goodin believes in being prepared for anything that can happen and being prepared means being trained.

Sheriff Goodin also stated, “It is a lot easier to explain why we did something to be prepared than to explain why we did not do anything”.