The Indiana State Health Department reported this morning that Washington County has one new case of Covid-19. 

No information has been released regarding the person’s epidemiology or where the person might have been in contact with other members of the public. 

ISHD reports no deaths in Washington County due to the virus and that 70 tests have been administered, which indicates 33 percent of those tested have been confirmed positive cases. 

There were 436 total new cases reported in Indiana since yesterday, with 30 new deaths. There were an additional 2,105 people tested across Indiana. 

In total there are now 5,943 cases in Indiana with 203 total deaths and 30,869 tested being recorded. 

In comparison, there have only been 1,275 total reported cases in Kentucky with 904 active right now. There have been 65 fatalities and 306 recoveries. 

Currently, Indiana is not tracking the number of Covid-19 positive patients who have recovered. 

Around the WSLM Listening Area, here’s a look at the numbers:

  • Lawrence County – 55 total cases, up by 11 from yesterday.
  • Jackson County – 46 total cases, up by 6 from yesterday.
  • Jennings County – 42 total cases, up by 1 from yesterday. 
  • Scott County – 11 total cases, up by 3 from yesterday. 
  • Clark County – 86 total cases, up by 4 from yesterday. 
  • Floyd County – 77 total cases, up by 3 from yesterday. 
  • Harrison County – 48 total cases, no change. 
  • Crawford County – 11 total cases, up by 3 from yesterday. 
  • Orange County – 11 total cases
  • Washington County – 21 total cases – up by 1 from yesterday.