The Scott County Health Department confirmed its 16th and 17th cases of Covid-19 on Sunday.

While no information was provided on where the patients were quarantined or in medical care, the health department did update its list of possible infected places in the community.

Possible COVID-19 Exposures

The public should assume that undiagnosed/asymptomatic cases may be attending common areas in the community. All precautions should be taken when visiting these areas. This includes frequent hand washing, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and wearing a mask in places that social distancing is difficult. Stay home except for essential travel or business.

The date ranges are listed because the patient does not remember exact days or times but does remember visiting these places during the infectious period.

Jay-C Store Scottsburg

  • Dates: March 18th

Dollar General Store- Vienna 

  • Dates: March 27th 

Scott’s Ace Hardware

  • Date Range: March 27th-April 7th

Circle K Austin

  • Date Range: March 27th-April 7th

256 Supply True Value Hardware

  • Date Range: March 27th-April 7th


  • Date Range: March 27th-April 7th

Fuel Mart 

  • Date Range: March 27th-April 7th

Walmart Scottsburg*

  • Dates: March 24-March 30th

*indicates multiple patients have visited this location

Date updated: 4-12-2020