According to the Indiana State Department of Health, there were only 10 new cases of Covid-19 reported in nine Kentuckiana counties in the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday. 

Washington, Jackson, Scott, Orange, Crawford and Harrison Counties all reported no additional cases. 

Lawrence County reported two new cases for a total of 73. 

Clark County cases increased by 5 to 132 and Floyd County saw an increase by three to 111. 

Statewide, there were 313 new cases and 37 new deaths. There were additional 1,502 tests administered between Sunday and Monday. 

In total, there have been around Indiana:

  • 8,527 total cases
  • 387 total deaths
  • 46,017 total tests

Also, according to ISDH, there is only 24.7 percent of the ICU beds across the state being used for Covid-19 cases. Twenty-nine percent of ICU beds are being used for non-Covid-19 cases. 

There is 14.9 percent of the ventilators available in Indiana hospitals being used at this time. Non-Covid-19 cases are using 10.6 percent of the ventilators in Indiana.