Washington County Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock denied a motion from Salem Mayor Justin Green’s attorney Larry Wilder to dismiss the case between Green and former Democratic Candidate Wiliam “Bill” Ackerman.  

Ackerman had filed a civil suit against Green on November 18, 2019, that alleged that Green didn’t live in the City of Salem and was not eligible to run for the office of mayor. 

The case was heard in court on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Wilder had made the motion twice on Wednesday which would allow Medlock to rule as early as Thursday by 4p to dismiss the case in favor of Green. 

Wilder said that his motion is an argument that one makes when the other side has finished putting on their evidence. 

“The argument is that they presented no evidence that would allow the court to find in their favor – even if all the evidence that they presented was true and accurate and correct,” said Wilder. “It’s basically an argument that – if this were a football game – and they had their opportunity to take the ball and run with it…they didn’t get to the goal line and they would never get to the goal line because their turn is over.”

Wilder said his position was that there was absolutely nothing presented during Mr. Ackerman’s case that gives the court the ability to rule in favor of Mr. Ackerman. 

Medlock said Wednesday he had until April 30th by 4p to render a verdict in the case.

Here is a copy of the judge’s order – Order Denying (1)