In response to recommendations from Governor Eric Holcomb, Secretary of State Connie Lawson, and the leadership of Indiana’s major political parties, the Indiana Election Commission has issued an order implementing policy changes for the June 2nd Primary Election.

According to Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey, the state is still promoting voting by mail. 

Rockey said public service announcements will be launching in the coming days and weeks. 

“Absentee applications can be requested by calling our office at 812-883-5748 x 1128 or by emailing [email protected] You may also go to to print out an Absentee application to mail to our office at Elections & Voter Services Office. 801 S. Jackson Street, Suite 102, Salem, Indiana  47167″

Rockey said these deadlines were still in force:

  • May 4th is the deadline to register to vote.
  • May 21st is the deadline to request an Absentee application.
  • Early Voting in-person at our Elections and Voter Services office will be from May 26th-June 1st, hours yet to be announced.

Rockey said Lawson announced that they are working on getting PPE gear for election staff, which would be a must to conduct a safe in-person voting environment.

“Since this has just been announced our County Election Board has yet to meet to discuss these latest changes,” Rockey noted in an email. “As your County Election Administrator, I along with the CEB, will be looking at possibly consolidating some polling locations, to reduce the number of poll workers needed.”

Rockey said there are still many decisions to be made at the county level.

“I will keep the Washington County Voters informed in the days & weeks ahead, as those decisions are made,” Rockey noted. 

The State Election Commission’s order included the following changes, which will apply to the June 2nd Primary only:

  • Limited early in-person voting will be available for one week, from May 26th to June 1st.
  • Poll workers are currently required to live in the county they work for. This requirement is waived so long as the voter is registered to vote in Indiana.
  • The Secretary of State and the Indiana Election Division will provide counties with training and guidelines on mail handling procedures and personal protective equipment.
  • The Commission advises that all public buildings, such as fire stations and school buildings, be available for use for the June 2nd Primary.
  • All absentee ballot applications submitted after December 2nd will be accepted regardless of excuse given, as long as they are otherwise compliant with Indiana law.
  • County election boards may adopt more than one central count location.
  • Counties may move a polling location after giving best possible notice to the public.

The Commission is next scheduled to meet on April 22nd, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. ET.