WSLM is planning a Political Forum for this month in preparation for the June 2 Primary Election.
Keeping in mind that the deadline for absentee ballots is May 21, WSLM would like to invite candidates to City Hall for a LIVE broadcast (conforming to CDC Guidelines and social distancing) beginning at 6:30p on Tuesday, May 12.
“It’s very important for voters in any election to get to know their candidates and hear them in their own words so you can up your mind who you would like to vote for,” said Rebecca White, owner of Salem Media. 
There are two contested races – one for Coroner with two Republican candidates and one for County Council at Large, which six candidates and three open seats.
“However, I will be offering all candidates an opportunity to speak even if they are not in a contested race,” said White. 
The event will be broadcast LIVE on WSLM 97.9 FM and WSLM 1220 AM, as well as live streaming on social media.
Following is a list of candidates for local offices. 
State Representative District 73
R – Steve Davisson
R – Mark Cox
D – None
County Clerk 
R – Stephanie Rockey
D – None 
County Treasurer 
R – Nancy Coats
D – Shirley Batt
County Coroner
R – Peg Schell
R – Steven Tye
D – None
County Surveyor 
R – Emily Rodman
D – None
County Council at Large (Vote for 3)
R – Bubba Abbott
R – Rondale Brishaber
R – Jason Cockerill
R – Gerald Fleming 
R – Duane Malloy
R – Keeley R. Stingle
D – None
Commissioner District 1
R – Phillip Marshall
D- None
Commissioner District 3
R – Rick Roberts
D – None 
State Convention Delegate At Large (Vote for 9)
R – Ken Armstrong
R – LuAnn Armstrong
R – Emily Cockerill
R – Jason Cockerill
R – Susan Davidson
R – Dustin Houchin
R – Erin Houchin
R – Christopher Hunt
R – Tara Coats Hunt
R – Jimmy (JD) Rockey
R – Stephanie K. Rockey
R – Keeley R. Stingel
State Convention Delegate At Large (Vote for 7)
D – Judith Wiesenauer