The Clark County Health Department has announced a free Covid-19 testing site at the Clarksville Community Center.
The facility is open Monday – Friday, 8a until 8p.
The OPTUMServe test sites will not operate on Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day. The test site will reopen Tuesday Morning.
The test site is open to any Indiana resident who is asymptomatic or who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19. 
It is also open for testing of those essential workers who have been working or in close contact with those in the at-risk population. 
Face masks required for entry to the testing site.
Maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times.
If you have symptoms of COVID-19, come get tested.
If you are at high risk because you are over age 65, have diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or another underlying condition, or if you are a member of a minority population that’s at greater risk, please come get tested – even if you don’t have symptoms.
This also includes close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 positive patients when it is imperative that the contact continues to work and/or have close contact with at-risk populations.
The preferred registration method is
Testing by appointment only.
For those without Internet access or to register a child for testing call 888-634-1116. Wait times at this number may occur, online registration preferred. Testing by appointment only.
This is an Indiana State Department of Health OptumServe Testing Site, for the health of all Hoosiers.
Thank you to the Town of Clarksville and Clarksville Parks & Recreation for use of the Clarksville Community Center!
Nightly site disinfection provided by Puroclean.