Washington County and local communities are eligible for more than $1.1 million to cover COVID-19-related expenses through the federal stimulus package, according to State Rep. Steve Davisson (R-Salem).

Indiana allocated $300 million in federal funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economics Security Act to counties and communities for reimbursement of expenditures related to the pandemic. Davisson said the funding, allocated based on population, cannot be used to replace lost tax revenue.

“So far every community has been impacted differently by this disease,” Davisson said. “While we don’t know how costly the outbreak will be from town to town until it is over, our local governments should consider these funds as a way to recoup expenses related to COVID-19.”

Washington County is eligible for $906,576 in reimbursement funding.

In addition, these local communities are eligible to receive the following amounts:

  • Campbellsburg $18,752
  • Hardinsburg $7,948
  • Little York $6,099
  • Livonia $3,893
  • New Pekin $44,93
  • Salem $201,054
  • Saltillo $2,952.

The Indiana Finance Authority is in charge of implementing guidelines on how each county, city and town can use the funding, as well as compiling reimbursement requests through accepted documentation including invoices.

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