Richmond Police Chief Mike Britt has asked the Indiana State Police Pendleton District to investigate a police action shooting that occurred this morning involving officers from the Richmond Police Department.

The incident occurred shortly before 11 a.m. this morning when Wayne County Dispatch put out a call for a reckless driving vehicle on the west side of Richmond.

The early investigation shows that an officer was sitting in his car, on the phone, in the Richmond City Building parking lot, (located at 50 N. 5th St.,) when the reckless driving vehicle pulled into the lot and close to the officer’s vehicle. 

A man inside the car began yelling at the officer “Kill me, shoot me.’  The officer immediately radioed for assistance and began slowly driving away from the suspect’s vehicle across the lot. 

A two-man car was nearby and arrived on the scene to assist. 

The two-man car stopped approximately 60 feet from the suspect’s vehicle and the two officers got out of their car. 

The suspect got out of his vehicle shouting ‘Kill me, shoot me,” and began stabbing himself with a knife. 

When officers began giving verbal commands to the man he charged at them on the run wielding the knife in a threatening manner shouting “Shoot me, kill me.” 

Officers continued to shout verbal commands as the man closed the distance between them.

As the suspect closed the distance to around ten feet one officer was forced to shoot the suspect

The suspect fell to the ground, and officers immediately began administering first aid and summoned EMS. 

The suspect, Brian Sherer, age 34 of Centerville, was taken to Reid Health Hospital, then flown by medical helicopter to a hospital in Dayton, Ohio, with what is believed to be, at this time, survivable injuries.

This is all the information available for release at this time, as the investigation remains ongoing.