Republicans once again showed their strength on the ballot with all seven local positions filled but only two races this primary election that was moved to June due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There were only two local Democratic candidates and both of them were unopposed.

The slate is set for the General Election in November, with Republican Incumbent Peg Schell returning to seek her another term as county coroner and three county councilmembers – including one newcomer. 

These are the unofficial results and will stand until the results are certified, which takes approximately 10 days. 

Schell defeated Republican challenger Steve Tye, 1,547 to 1,191. She received 1,099 votes today and 448 early votes. Tye received 884 votes today with 307 early votes. 

In the Republican race for County Council nominations, the field was full of six candidates seeking three spots. 

Mark “Bubba” Abbott took the majority of votes with 1,507; followed by incumbents Keeley Stingel with 1,436 and Rondale Brishaber. 

Abbot captured 1,128 votes on Tuesday with 379 early votes. Stingel took 1,021 in-person votes while receiving 3415 early votes. Brishaber had 1,248 total votes and received 850 votes at the polls while taking 398 early votes. 

Brishaber edged out fellow councilmember and incumbent Gerald Fleming Sr by one vote, 1248 to 1247. 

Jason Cockerill, the former Washington County Surveyor, received 1,082 votes (760 at the polls and 322 in early votes) and Salem Middle School teacher Duane Malloy took 1,011 total votes with 741 votes on election day and 270 early votes. 

Those running for Republican State Delegates were, in order of votes:

  • Erin Houchin – 2,019 
  • Dustin Houchin – 1,739
  • Keeley Stingel – 1,579
  • Tara Coats Hunt – 1,352
  • Jason Cockerill – 1,342
  • Ken Armstrong – 1,304
  • Stephanie Rockey – 1,301
  • Susan Davidson – 1,262
  • LuAnn Armstrong – 1,166

Other delegates were: 

  • Emily Cockerill – 1,165
  • Chris Hunt – 1,083
  • Jimmy Rockey – 1,008

On the Democratic ticket, Judity Wiesenauer received the only party nomination for the state convention delegate with 1,080 votes. Of those, 475 were votes at the polls with 605 early votes. 

County Clerk 

Washington County Clerk Stephanie Rockey won the GOP nomination to run on the ballot for the first time this fall. Rockey was caucused to replace former clerk Sarah Milligan. 

Rockey took 2,555 total votes with 1,824 on election day and 731 in early voting. 

County Treasurer

Former County Treasurer Shirley Batt had no competition on the Democratic ticket and earned the nomination to run in the fall. She took 1,183 votes with 509 at the polls and 674 in early voting. 

The Republican party nominated Nancy J. Coats, who ran unopposed, to challenge Batt this fall. 

Coats received 2,469 votes with 1,782 at the polls and another 687 early votes. 

County Surveyor

Emily Rodman ran unopposed for the Republican nomination to run this fall as County Surveyor. She received 2,499 votes with 1,787 votes on Tuesday and 712 early votes. 

County Commissioner, District 1

Republican incumbent Phil Marshall ran unopposed for the party nomination to run this fall for the District 1 County Commissioner seat. 

Marshall earned 2,507 votes with 1,828 at the polls and another 679 in early votes. 

County Commissioner, District 3 

Republican incumbent Rick Roberts will seek another term as District 3 County Commissioner. Roberts took 2,517 votes with 723 early votes and 1,794 coming at the polls. 

State Representative District 73

Steve Davisson Indiana State Representative from District 73 took an early lead from Republican challenger Mark Cox. Davisson defeated him in Washington County, 2,097 to 834. 

Davisson will seek another term in the fall election.  He took 1,397 votes at the polls and earned 700 in early voting. 

Cox captured 720 votes on Tuesday and 114 in early votes. 

With 63 percent of the vote in Tuesday night, Davisson had 56 percent of the vote compared to 44 percent for Cox. 

US Representative District 9 

Incumbent Trey Hollingsworth pulled 2,639 local votes. He was unopposed on the Republican ticket. 

On the Democratic ballot, D. Liam Dorris, Brandon Hood, James O’Gabhann III, Mark J. Powell and Andy Ruff all sought the nomination to run against Hollingsworth in the fall. 

With about 75 percent of the vote in, Ruff has edged Powell for the chance to run against Hollingsworth in November. 

Ruff has earned 10,355 or 32.6 percent of the vote while Powell took 7,976 or 25.1 percent.