On Wednesday, the state launched a new campaign urging all Hoosiers to wear face masks amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called Mask Up Hoosiers.

One of the biggest goals of the campaign to encourage Hoosiers to wear their masks out in public is to reach the younger generation. Leaders hope by putting the video out on social media our youth will see it and be encouraged to do their part to keep everyone safe.

The campaign features several people, including RTV6’s Rafael Sanchez, holding signs that say why they are wearing a mask and who they are wearing it for, whether its to protect their parents, friends or family.

State leaders are asking Hoosiers to not just think about your own life but all the people you love and don’t want to lose.

Dr. Kristina Box, the state health commissioner, said wearing masks and practicing social distancing can help protect you and others from the virus.

“One thing I hope is individuals watch the news every night they see what has happened in other states,” Box said. “There hasn’t been social distancing and there hasn’t been mask-wearing. I hope we start to take to heart Indiana could very easily be in that situation in the next two to four weeks or four to six weeks if we don’t take this to heart.”

Leaders said they hope when Hoosiers hear reports about hospitalization rates starting to increase and see other states experiencing a surge in cases it will encourage them to do their part, work together and wear a mask.

Gov. Eric Holcomb said he hears it over and over that wearing a mask is inconvenient. His message is it may be inconvenient but it could help save lives.

“The steps that Hoosiers take every time they are around others, be it friends, co-workers, family or strangers, have a direct impact on the spread of COVID-19 and our state’s continued phased re-opening,” Holcomb said. “I thank you for wearing a mask when you are in public and encourage you to reflect on the lives you may be saving.”