East Washington School Corporation Superintendent Dennis Stockdale reported on the school’s social media site that another student has tested positive for COVID-19.

This new positive case will not change the school’s current plans. 

East Washington Elementary will continue in-person instruction, while the middle and high schools will continue remote instruction through September 2.

“We have already contacted all students and staff who were in direct contact with this student so they may begin proper quarantine procedures,” said Stockdale. 

Salem went to virtual instruction on Monday, August 24, and will tentatively come back to in-person instruction on Sept. 8. 

West Washington reported a case of Covid early Sunday morning and has been in virtual learning all this week. 

They identified 12 students who had been in close contact and seven of those students tested negative. The school is waiting for the results of the other five. 

They intend to return to in-person instruction on Monday, August 31. 

Superintendent Keith Nance posted comments online yesterday about how everyone can work together to help schools remain open. 

“If we sanitize, social distance and wear masks at school that is great and it protects our teachers and our kids within our walls,” Nance wrote. “If kids and families leave our school and travel outside of our community to restaurants, stores, etc, and do NOT practice social distancing, sanitizing, and mask-wearing then our school is vulnerable to closure. Sleepovers, parties and large gatherings have been the biggest culprits of bringing Covid into schools across the state.”

“If you are like us, and you want our schools to be open and stay open, then we need your help. We need our community to partner with us and practice safety measures, not just during school but outside of schools and on the weekends also,” noted Nance. 

“No matter what your opinion is about Covid-19, we are all subject to the same regulations from the state department of health,” he wrote. “If we have cases we will be quarantining students. If we have several cases we will be closing and utilizing virtual instruction. Please take the same precautions outside of the school that we do at school. Do it for our school, do it for our staff and do it for our children.”

Silver Creek High School closed its building and switched to e-learning from Aug. 26 to Sept. 8, superintendent Clemen Perez-Lloyd wrote in a memo to staff and parents of the school earlier this week.

The decision came after discussing “the current absenteeism and staffing shortage” with the Clark County Health Department.

Multiple cases of coronavirus have been confirmed at the high school in the past week.

The district announced on Aug. 20 that two students had tested positive for COVID-19, and both were linked to a non-school related event.

It announced Monday morning that two additional students had tested positive.

“An absentee rate of greater than 25% and continued transmission of COVID-19 in the community were considered,” Perez-Lloyd wrote in the memo. “The decision is based on the best interest of students, faculty, and staff of the school system.”

During the period, Silver Creek High School will serve lunches in a drive-thru pick-up setting.

They will be provided from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The lunches can be picked up at Door R.

The Salem Lions Varsity Football team will play the Dragons tonight at Silver Creek High School at 7p. You can listen to the pre-game show at 6:40p on WSLM 97.9 FM with the kickoff at 7p.