Annie Napier, 35, Salem appeared in the custody of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department this morning in Washington Circuit Court before Judge Larry Medlock and entered a not-guilty plea. 

Napier, and her mother, Gail, were arrested early Tuesday morning on a variety of charges including possession of Marijuana, Maintaining a Common Nuisance, and Possession of a Legend Drug. (see the related story – )

Napier actually tipped police to the presence of drugs in her parent’s house, but the police report doesn’t detail whether or not she was in possession of anything. 

According to Prosecuting Attorney Justin Houchin, she was released from incarceration on her own recognizance this morning after her initial hearing in court. 

According to court records, Napier advised that she plans on hiring an attorney. 

Pursuant to Criminal Rule 26, the Court released the defendant who is supposed to pay her bond by 4:00 pm tomorrow (Friday).

Medlock set a pretrial conference for 09/24/2020 at 9:00 AM and a bench trial for January January 12, 2021 at 8:30a. 

Gail Napier posted bond and was released from jail Wednesday morning. No hearing date has yet been set for her. 

Police recommended to Houchin that Gail’s husband, Michael, also be arrested, however, no charges have yet been filed on him. 

“In making the arrest, the police officers cite that the place was [Annie’s] residence, and she knew about the drug use in the home, which can constitute constructive possession,” said Houchin.

Houchin further explained that Annie Napier physically retrieved and handled the marijuana.

“The officers also had a difficult time at the scene because the Napiers were fighting with each other, and, as the report indicates, detention was necessary to allow the investigation and search warrant execution to proceed without interference,” said Houchin. 

Annie Napier was charged with 

  • Possession of Marijuana, Hash Oil, Hashish or Salvia
  • Maintaining a Common Nuisance
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Possession of a Legend Drug or Precursor.

“My role is to evaluate whether probable cause for the arrest exists,” said Houchin. “I believe there was probable cause for the arrest, and the Judge [Frank Newkirk Jr.] independently found probable cause.  Of course, all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This case will proceed as all other cases do in the Washington County Court system.”