Salem Mayor Justin Green is encouraging everyone to celebrate  National Read a Book Day through the month of September. 

“This is a day set aside to encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy a good book,” said Green. “As Mayor of Salem, I hope all those in our community will take advantage of the benefits reading books has to offer.”

Mayor Green will be a guest on WSLM’s Coffee Club on Friday, Sept. 18, and read from one of his favorite stories. 

Countless studies have highlighted the benefits of reading, which include improving vocabulary and writing skills, increasing memory, developing analytical thinking, helping with focus and
concentration, and preventing cognitive decline. 

Such benefits are especially important for children, according to Green. 

For kids, reading sparks imagination, builds word recognition, enhances reasoning skills, challenges young minds, and provides cultural and historical knowledge.

“Reading can also help children focus, which we all know is a critical skill this day and age,” he said. “A book is a great alternative to screens and electronic devices.”

National Book Day is a great opportunity to read with children. 

Research has shown that reading and sharing stories with children have a positive impact on their health and development. 

It is also an opportunity to spend time together.  You can start a
new bedtime routine of reading a chapter each night to your children. 

Here are some tips for how to get started:

  • Make a routine.  
  • Read a chapter each night before bed.
  • Let your child help. 
  • Encourage your child to help you sound out words or describe the pictures they see in the book.
  • Talk about the story together. What did your child think of the story you just read? Did they like the characters or pictures? Why?
  • Mix in educational books with fun reads. 
  • Mix reading time up with your child by choosing books that are both fun and educational.