West Washington School Corporation is moving to three days of in-person education over the next two weeks after a custodian has tested positive for Covid-19 and the rest of the custodial staff has been quarantined due to contact tracing. 

The positive test was identified on Sunday, Oct. 11 and by Monday, Oct. 12 it was identified that the remaining custodial staff “cannot appropriately sanitize our school each night in time for everyone to safely return the next morning,” according to a social media release.

“More than half of our custodial staff was affected by the contact tracing and will be quarantined and not able to return to work until 10/23/20. Therefore WWSC will be making an adjustment to our schedule for the next two weeks to ensure that our building and classrooms are properly sanitized.”

The school will be held in person on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with virtual only on Tuesdays and Thursdays through October. The schedule is as follows:

Week of 10/12/20-10/16/20:

  • Monday 10/12/20- Physical Day of Instruction
  • Tuesday 10/13/20- Virtual Day (ALL STUDENTS CORPORATION WIDE)
  • Wednesday 10/14/20- Physical Day of Instruction (ALL STUDENTS K-12)
  • Thursday 10/15/20- Virtual Day (ALL STUDENTS CORPORATION WIDE)
  • Friday 10/16/20- Physical Day of Instruction

Week of 10/19/20-10/23/20:

  • Monday 10/19/20- Physical Day of Instruction
  • Tuesday 10/20/20- Parent-Teacher Conference Day (NO INSTRUCTION PROVIDED)
  • Wednesday 10/21/20- Physical Day of Instruction (ALL STUDENTS K-12)
  • Thursday 10/22/20- Virtual Day (ALL STUDENTS CORPORATION WIDE)
  • Friday 10/23/20- Physical Day of Instruction

According to the original social media post, the school says this does not impact any teaching staff, support staff or office staff. 

“With last week being Fall Break, we had limited staff in the building and no students,” the post noted. “We still have the ability to sanitize daily and nightly, but it is going to stretch our staff thin. I cannot express how thankful and proud I am of our custodial staff and the job they have done and will continue to do during these unprecedented times.”

The release from the school noted that students and staff must continue to follow precautions.
“Wearing face coverings and washing hands frequently is an ABSOLUTE necessity,” the post noted. “Covid has NOT gone away and although we are all tired of it, we CANNOT let our guard down.”