Dr. Thomas Harrison, Floyd County’s Health Officer, issued restrictions for local bars and restaurants to help curb the rising infection rate of Covid-19. 

Harris said bars in Floyd County would close at 10 pm local time each evening, pursuant to Indiana Code 16-20-1 and 16-41-9.

Additionally, Harris has ordered restaurants to decrease seating to 75% of capacity.

His order will remain in effect until midnight, December 21.

Harris and the Floyd County Health Department extended the county’s mask mandate to the end of the year in mid-October. 

“The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to plague our community,” he noted in a press release. “Moreover, we are seeing community-wide disease-causing increasing rates of illness. This week, the state has hit the highest 7-day rolling average of cases for the entire Pandemic.”

Harris said measures such as hand hygiene, facial coverings, social distancing, staying home when sick, and avoiding large crowds are the most effective strategies to reduce the spread from infected persons to non-infected persons.

“Therefore, to protect public health and simply save lives, restrictions must be extended to assist in the reduction of COVID-19 transmission, and avoid an increase in new cases,” he wrote. 

“The order may be extended or curtailed depending on Pandemic conditions,” Harris noted. “The intent of this order is to continue to provide a safe environment for all people in Floyd County and avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

Harris said the move will protect public health in Floyd County.

“Nothing in this order reduces or eliminates the requirements imposed by the executive orders by Governor Holcomb or orders from other regulating governmental agencies. This order is intended to be used to educate, encourage, and persuade people to avoid large indoor gatherings and maintain social distancing. Additionally, we encourage other business and governmental sectors to allow employees to work from home when feasible.”

Citizens should continue to use frequent hand washing or sanitizing; maintain a minimum social distance of six
(6) feet; avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; and stay home and isolate yourself if
you are sick.

“We recommend all those in symptomatic and close contact status be tested,” said Harris. 

So far 21,605 people have been tested for Covid-19 in Floyd County with 2,673 positive results. 

There have been 76 Covid-19 related deaths since March.