The Posey Township Water Corporation has issued a boil water advisory over the Thanksgiving holiday. 
According to General Manager Jody Wiseman, the advisory affects customers along US Hwy. 150 East of Oak Grove Road, Rego-Millersburg Road, the Livonia area, and East/North to West Washington School.
Wiseman said Hardinsburg. Fredericksburg and the northern part of the service area is not included.
“We are so sorry for this inconvenience at this Holiday,” Wiseman noted. “It is assumed that we will not be able to get samples to a lab until Monday. Boil any water you are going to consume for 3 to 5 minutes.”

Customers can use the water for showers, dishes, laundry, and washing hands.

Residents in the area can watch the Posey Township Water Corporation’s Facebook and listen to WSLM for more information over the weekend.