Washington County added a record number of Covid-19 cases in November as well as new deaths – nearly more in one month than the rest of the year combined. 

From March to October, there had been three reported deaths and 433 total cases of Covid-19 in Washington County. 

In November there were five new deaths reported (for a total of 8) and 432 new Caronavirus cases (totaling 856). 

Other counties in the WSLM Listening area experienced an increase and as a result, several will be moving to the “Red” status with an update to the Indiana State Department of Health map tomorrow. (See related story –

Currently, there are 17 “Red” counties and one “Yellow” Counties. The other 74 counties are in the “Orange” status. WSLM will update this information Wednesday after noon. 

WSLM is tracking the numbers of Covid-19 cases in a 10-county area for the duration of the pandemic. The numbers have taken a sharp turn upwards beginning in August but hit record numbers in November.

November Covid increases by county:

  • Lawrence – 868 cases
  • Jackson – 1151 cases
  • Jennings – 555 cases
  • Orange – 278 cases
  • Washington – 432 cases
  • Scott – 594 cases
  • Clark – 2,205 cases 
  • Floyd – 1,367 cases
  • Harrison – 692 cases
  • Crawford – 150 cases

The number of Covid-19 tests has also increased over the last month. As a result of more testing, there are more positive tests, however, the lag in test results has resulted in some people waiting a week to get results. 

And during that waiting period, many are not quarantining until they get a positive result, which means they can be spreading the virus to others.

There is a lack of availability of rapid (and accurate) Covid-19 tests in the area. Some facilities have limited the number of rapid tests available to the public. 

Following is a look at testing in November:

  • Lawrence – 2,510 new tests
  • Jackson – 2,824 new tests
  • Jennings – 1,872 new tests
  • Orange – 918 new tests
  • Washington – 1,474 new tests
  • Scott – 1,648 new tests
  • Clark – 8,012 new tests
  • Floyd – 5,318 new tests
  • Harrison – 2,632 new tests
  • Crawford – 562 new tests