“Mr. Woodard was wet, muddy, cold, and exhausted, but otherwise appeared to be in good condition when found,” said Washington County Sheriff Brent Miller of the 68-year-old Pekin man who had been missing since Sunday afternoon. 

Miller announced to WSLM this morning that Woodward had been found about 7:40a before the search was to have continued.

He located early this morning by Dale Nunn of Blueriver Road in Pekin, Indiana. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dunn reported hearing the helicopter flying over their property late last night and contacted the Sheriff’s Department. 

They were notified at that time of the search for the missing person and were asked to look on Facebook for his photo and further information. 

The search continued until 1:30 am and was set to resume this morning. 

Dunn found Woodard walking on a bridge near his home when he was leaving for work and recognized him as the missing person seen on Facebook. 

He immediately took Woodard back to his home and contacted the Sheriff’s Department. 

Woodard was reported found just before the search was set to begin again.

“I am grateful to the public and to all of our first-responders for aiding in the search and so thankful he was located and found safe,” said Sheriff Miller. 

Woodward, 68, was reported missing late yesterday. 

A multi-agency search effort began late Sunday including the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police, and the Jackson, Pierce-Polk, and Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Departments was led by Sheriff Brent Miller. 

Chad Webb and the police K-9 were also called out to assist in the search.

Volunteers from the area township fire departments aided in search efforts by driving roads, searching fields on foot, and using All-Terrain Vehicles. 

The Indiana State Police conducted an aerial search via helicopter and thermal imaging cameras. 

In addition, the Sheriff’s Department coordinated a door-to-door effort to alert others in the area to be on the lookout for Woodard.

Washington County EMS was called out to the scene and transported Mr. Woodward to St. Vincent Hospital for evaluation.