On December 14th, the City of Salem Board of Works announced the waiver for debit and credit card transaction fees will expire
beginning January 1, 2020.

During the height of the pandemic, the Board of Works
temporarily waived the fees with the City of Salem covering the expense to the payment processor on behalf of customers.

“The Board of Works previously voted to suspend debit and credit card payment fees when residents were quarantined and unable to make payments in person,” said Salem Mayor Justin Green. “The City of Salem covered the costs of those fees on behalf of residents during that time.”

Effective January 1st, 2021, the transaction fee will resume for customers paying their bill with a debit or credit card.

The charge is $2.95 per transaction and is remitted to the
payment processor.

As always, residents can avoid paying the transaction fee by paying via check or cash.

If anyone has a question about the fee reinstatement or their utility bill, please contact the City of Salem Utilities office at (812) 883-3937.