Thirty-six probationary troopers graduated from the 80th Indiana State Police Academy on December 19, 2020.

One of those probationary troopers is assigned to the Indiana State Police in Sellersburg – Benjamen Davis. 

Davis is a native of North Platte, Nebraska. Upon graduating Highschool, Davis joined the US ARMY, where he served as a Combat Engineer for nine years and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Following his time in the Army, Davis moved to Indiana and graduated from Indiana University – Southeast with a Criminal Justice degree. 

Upon completion of field training, Davis will be assigned primary patrols in Clark and Floyd Counties.   

Probationary troopers now begin their next phase of instruction, a three-month field training period riding with veteran troopers. Field training aims to give a practical application to the training received throughout the formal academy. Upon completing field training, the troopers will be assigned a state police patrol vehicle and begin solo patrol.

These officers have already completed over 1,200 hours of structured training in law enforcement techniques and hands-on and scenario-based training at the Indiana State Police Recruit Academy.

Their curriculum included criminal law instruction, emergency vehicle operations, psychology, traffic law, crash investigation, self-defense, first responder, and other general enforcement related training.