Indiana has entered a new phase of county-based restrictions after positivity rates saw a drop as vaccination rates grew.

Governor Eric Holcomb announced during last week’s coronavirus briefing a new executive order would be signed Sunday. It’s based on Indiana’s color-coded county advisory levels.

The executive order will be in effect until February 28 and strongly recommends social gatherings and events be limited based on a county’s color-coded metric.

Red counties can have up to 25 people present, orange can have 50 people, yellow can have 100 people and blue can have up to 250 people at a gathering.

Governor Holcomb also said that the state will be adding to a capacity limit instead of a total attendees limit.

Overall attendance at social gatherings or events will be based on the county’s color-coded metric.

Red and orange may not exceed 25% of the facility’s capacity, yellow counties may not exceed 50% of the facility’s capacity and blue counties may reach 100% of the facility’s capacity.

Despite the changes, Holcomb stressed Hoosiers need to continue to physically distance while wearing face coverings.

The next update to the state Covid map will be this Wednesday.