For safety reasons, a section of popular Canyon Road at Clifty Falls State Park will convert to one-way traffic only starting Feb. 8.

The section of Canyon Road that will change runs from the T intersection of Tunnel Falls to the T intersection at the park’s nature center.

With the change, only southbound traffic will be allowed on that stretch.

The rest of Canyon Road will continue to be two-way. 

The scenic road attracts large numbers of hikers, joggers, road walkers, and bike riders. 

More than half of the park’s trailheads are on Canyon Road, and the parking lots by those trailheads fill up every weekend, complicating staff efforts when they need to make rescues and recoveries from some of park’s rugged trails.

“By making this section one-way, we can add a pedestrian/bike lane to that stretch,” said property manager Brad Walker.

“Although the change will take some getting used to for driving, it will be an overall improvement of our guests’ experience and make the park a safer place.”