Indiana is home to thousands of Hoosiers who make their living by selling homegrown, homemade, and locally produced goods. Home-based vendors make everything from baked goods to honey, jams, and jellies. Right now, they can only sell their products at farmers’ markets and roadside stands, which limits their customer base and timeframe. To help them expand and succeed, I am authoring legislation this session so home-based vendors can sell their goods in person, remotely, or through a third party. 

House Bill 1103 would open more avenues for home-based vendors to sell their products directly, online, or through a third-party vendor like a delivery service, retail shop, or grocery store. Vendors would be able to sell shelf-stable, non-hazardous goods and items such as baked goods, whole, and uncut fruits and vegetables, tree nuts and legumes, and syrups. The Indiana Department of Health, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, industry groups, and food safety experts would also provide lawmakers with recommendations for expanding what home-based vendors could sell through these new avenues.

These changes will provide home-based vendors across the state more opportunities to connect with consumers, who are also demanding more locally sourced and produced goods. This is also a great opportunity to keep our hard-earned, Hoosier dollars in our communities.

House Bill 1103 recently passed out of the House of Representatives and is now on its way to the Senate for further consideration. As the demand for locally made products continues to increase, this is a common-sense bill benefiting Hoosier producers and consumers across the state. Small businesses, such as our home-based vendors, are critical to our state’s and local communities’ economic health. To connect with more Hoosier vendors and small businesses, visit or