On March 25, 2021, Seymour Police Department Communications received an alarm notification at Centra Credit Union, which is located at 520 S. Jackson Park Dr.
Patrol officers immediately responded to the scene and found the glass of the main entry doors had been smashed. Patrol officers cleared the building and found no one inside the building.
Initial responding patrol officers were able to view surveillance footage and determine two individuals had broken the door glass and that one of the two individuals at the scene entered the building.
The individual who entered the building checked the vault and at least one of the teller stations before exiting the building.
The two suspects then left the area.
Investigators with the Seymour Police Department were then called to the scene.
Crime Scene Technicians processed the scene and collected a number of items believed to contain an evidentiary value.
Investigators also further reviewed the credit union’s surveillance footage. Surveillance footage from other locations in the area was also obtained.
Based on surveillance footage obtained, Investigators and patrol officers developed two suspects.
Investigators and patrol officers then located the two suspects and took them into custody for questioning.
Investigators spoke with the two suspects and obtained confessions.
A male juvenile age 15, and a male juvenile age 14 were arrested for burglary.
The juvenile male age 15, was also arrested for criminal mischief, theft, and possession of marijuana.
Both juveniles were detained pending court hearings.
The case remains under investigation.