On May 31, 2021, at approximately 12:24 PM, Seymour Police Department Communications received a call for assistance at Schneck Medical Center from hospital security reference a prisoner that had escaped from Jackson County Sheriff Department Custody.
Seymour Patrol Officers and Investigators responded to the location.
Upon arrival at Schneck Medical Center, Patrol Officers and Investigators learned that the Seymour Officer working security had cornered the suspect in a mechanical room accessible from the roof.
When backup arrived, the suspect was secured and provided medical attention.
Investigators learned that the suspect who was identified as Jackson Hatchett, 27 of Brownstown, was being discharged from the hospital.
While being discharged, Hatchett overpowered and assaulted a Corrections Officer with the Sheriff’s Department.
The correctional Officer received multiple injuries including a loss of consciousness from Hatchet strangling him.
Hatchett then barricaded himself in a bathroom and broke out a third-story window.
Hatchett jumped out of the third-story window to a second-story roof, where he entered a mechanical room.
Hatchet was caught several moments later.
Hatchett received several lacerations to his arms from jumping out the window. Hatchett was secured and taken downstairs to the emergency room for treatment.
The Corrections Officer was also treated for their injuries. At the time of this release, the injuries to the Corrections Officer are not known.
Hatchett was arrested by Seymour Police Department Investigators for Escape a level 4 felony, Battery with serious bodily injury a level 5 felony, strangulation a level 6 felony, theft a level 6 felony, and criminal mischief a class A misdemeanor.
Hatchett was being held in the custody of the Sheriff’s Department on outstanding charges.
No employees of Schneck Medical Center were injured in the incident.