December 24

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

Logan P. Norris, 24, Jeffersonville

  • Resisting law enforcement – using a vehicle to flee – or drawing or using deadly weapon – inflicts/causes bodily injuy to another – or operates a vehicle creating a substantial risk of bodily injury to another person

December 23

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

Jared Abram Jones, 43, Salem

  • Out of County Charges Only

December 22

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

Robert Glenn Arington, 41, Borden

  • Failure to appear on felony charge
  • Failure to appear
  • Theft

Benjamin Preston Cobb, 41, Springville, IN

  • Here For Court

Indiana State Police

Eli Jeffrey Elliott, 34, Pekin 

  • Domestic Battery
Battery or battery by bodily waste (BBW) resulting in serious bodily injury

December 21

City of Salem Police

Seth Andrew Bowling, 20, Salem

  • Auto theft
  • Theft – at least $750 but less than $50000 value or property is firearm or prior theft or criminal conversion conviction
  • Possession of methamphetamine
  • Criminal Trespass

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

George Eric Mullins, 31, New Albany

  • Violation of Probation/ Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence

Jacob Lee Donavon Allen, 25, Scottsburg

  • Failure to appear on felony charge

Kevin W. Wynn, 41, Salem

  • Habitual Offender
  • Possession of methamphetamine – amount at least 10 but <28 grams and enhancing circumstance applies
  • Dealing in methamphetamine – amount at least 10 grams

Dino Pace, 54, Pekin

  • probation violation on felony charge

Sarah Rochelle Williams, 39, Salem

  • Failure to appear