According to Indiana Department of Transportation’s Natalie Garrett, the road construction projects in Salem are moving along well.

She said one of the three projects is completed and one more should be completed in November.

“The Brock Creek Bridge project should be completed in late November,” Garrett said in an email to WSLM.

“It is likely that SR 56 will remain closed through Salem until fall of 2023,” she said. “We wouldn’t be able to open 56 to the bridge because traffic (including semis and other large vehicles) wouldn’t have anywhere to go as construction continues. We may be able to open additional cross streets going forward.”

Due to the start of school and the road construction interfering with the normal route of traffic to and from Salem Schools, the intersection of Hackberry and Water Street was recently opened to allow traffic to proceed down Water Street and to Homer Street. 

Currently this will remain open to allow traffic to and from the schools. 

Garrett said additional outlets could open later this year. 

“At this point in construction, opening Water St. across SR 56 is all we can do to help with school traffic,” she said. “We may be able to open other access points this fall/winter after more paving is complete, depending on how things progress.”

Garrett said, “We are in communication with the school system, the City and emergency services with regular updates. We ask drivers to be patient as construction continues, allow plenty of time to reach their destinations, and drive carefully near construction crews and equipment.”

There are three components of the recent road construction in Salem — the intersection and State Road 135 resurface, Brock Creek Bridge Replacement and State Road 56 Road renovation. 

The SR 135 resurface project has been completed. 

The final component – the work to completely rebuild the section of State Road 56 from Posey Street to near the 56/60 split.