One of two women involved in the death of Cairo Jordan, the 5-year-old boy found dead inside a suitcase near Pekin back in April, has been transferred to the Washington County Detention Center. 

According to Washington County Sheriff Brent Mill, Dawn E. Coleman, 40, of New Orleans, was taken off a plane Saturday night and brought to the local jail.

“My deputies picked Coleman up at the airport Saturday night,” he said. 

Coleman has been charged with Obstruction of Justice and Neglect of a dependent by person age 18 – placing dependent in a situation that endangers dependent’s life/health – abandons or curelly confines dependent – or deprives dependent of necessary support AND results in death of dependent less than 14.

According to the probable cause affidavit, fingerprints on the trash bag that Jordan was wrapped in matched Coleman’s. A second match was found on the trash bag belonging to Dejaune Ludie Anderson, Jordan’s mother.

She is the subject of a nationwide search and was last seen in California.

A warrant for Coleman and Anderson’s arrest was issued in October before detectives traveled to California to arrest both women.

Coleman was arrested, but authorities did not find Anderson. 

Coleman is expected in Washington Superior Court for arraignment on Monday at 1:30p.