Washington Circuit Judge Larry Medlock granted a request on Thursday, June 1 to allow a jury to be brought in from outside Washington County to decide the fate of a woman charged in the death of a boy whose body was found inside a suitcase.

The jury will come from Harrison County. 

Medlock granted the change of venue Thursday for Dawn Coleman.

She argued the public outrage over the death of 5-year-old Cairo Ammar Jordan would prevent her from getting a fair trial.

The issue will be further discussed at a pre-trial conference to be held on July 6 at 9a.

The trial is set for October 3 at 8:30a.

Police arrested Coleman in October after they tracked her down in San Franciso.

Prosecutors say she helped the child’s mother, DeJuana Ludie Andeson, dispose of the boy’s body in Pekin last year. 

Andeson is still at large.