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Plus, get the latest WSLM News, Weather and Sports and get the chance to win cool WSLM STUFF as well as participate in contests to win tickets.

Get up to date NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS and LOCAL DEALS delivered right to your phone 24/7.

BIRD ALERTFor Listeners —

We want to continue a relationship of trust and integrity that has been built over thepast 63 years. With changes in WSLM over the past six years, I’ve tried to add features that gave our listeners more choices in entertainment, sports, news and weather to give them the information they need each day.

Now I want to give that information to you right where you are – on your phone.

You can now signup for WSLM Text Alerts that will deliver you exclusive NEWS, Severe Weather information from the WSLM Weather Bird as well as WEATHERBIRDCLOSINGS for schools and local and regional businesses.

We will also offer special WSLMCONTESTS where you can text to win tickets.

And we want to work with our local and regional businesses to offer special deals to customers through WSLMDEALS.

— Becky

TEXTING 2For Businesses —

How many of your tweets, posts, or emails, get a 94% read rate.

Don’t bother to look… the answer is NONE – that’s right NONE.

If you really want to communicate with your prospects and customers, you’ve got to find an exclusive way to communicate with them.

If you’re using social media and it’s working… if you’re getting prospects and customers from social media… then KEEP DOING IT!

But, if you’re struggling with finding the right mix of advertising — If you’re throwing money down a rat hole — If you’re wondering should I keep doing this — then you probably need to stop and figure out a better way.

Give WSLM RADIO a call at 812.883.3401 or email us at [email protected] to find out how you can benefit from advertising to 3.6 million listeners in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio and directly reach your customer base with targeted text messaging.

— Becky