The prosecution‘s case against suspended Indianapolis police officer David Bisard reached the half-way point Monday as the focus is drawn to the blood evidence.

The tech who performed the blood tests after the crash said she almost used expired vials and used rubbing alcohol on one arm before noticing the mistake.

That‘s when she switched to the other arm as a crowd of other police officers were looking on, making her nervous. She also didn‘t remember if she mixed the blood and chemicals correctly.

If the blood isn‘t tested properly, it‘s possible to contaminate the blood or spark the blood to create its own alcohol.  The prosecution seems to be hedging its bets in case the blood evidence is rejected.

This comes after numerous witnesses claimed Bisard didn‘t appear drunk.  Monday, they used testimony from a police academy driving instructor on what proper emergency vehicle operation was hoping jurors saw a stark contrast with that of Bisard in the moments before the crash.

The underlying message the prosecutor is going for is that police officers, not their potential victims, are responsible even if the officers have sirens and flashing lights. The prosecution expects to have about 35 more witnesses on the stand, the prosecution could rest its case Thursday.