Third Camm Trial to wrap today

Third Camm Trial to wrap today


Closing arguments will take place this morning (Tuesday) in the third murder trial of former State Trooper David Camm.

After they hear from lawyers on both sides, the jury in Lebanon will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.

The trial is in Boone County because of publicity elsewhere in the state over Camm‘s case and it‘s two previous trials.

Camm has twice been convicted of killing his wife, Kim and their two children seven-year-old Brad and five-year-old Jill.

They were murdered 13 years ago in the garage of their home in Georgetown.  Camm‘s convictions in a 2002 trial in New Albany and in a 2006 trial in Boonville were both overturned on appeal.  Key to the case is the testimony of Charles Boney (bo-NAY), who was convicted of playing a role in the murders.

Boney testified that he gave two shotguns to Camm and stood outside the garage while Camm fired the shots.  Camm and members of his family say he was playing basketball and was not home when his wife and kids were killed.