The Main Street bridge is now open in Salem after work was done yesterday morning to inspect the bridge. 

Workers also brought in a large crane yesterday to move the large fuel tanks away from the bridge, and also attempted to move the tractor trailers from the river. 

Leo Rumschlag, Washington County’s contracted bridge engineer said the South Main Street bridge suffered only cosmetic damage from the tanks that crashed into it during Friday night’s flash flood.

“The bridge is in good shape,” he said.

It will be reopened when the semi trailers are removed from the creek, an ongoing effort.

He said the bridge on Old State Road 56 west of Elk Road was damaged but should be repaired sometime on Saturday.

Washington County Commissioner Phil Marshal said one of the fuel tank’s that were swept away from Cornerstone Family Farms is located in a logjam near Beck’s Mill bridge and that removal was being planned out. He said they were afraid another heavy rain would cause it to possibly crash into the bridge.

About 4:30 p.m. Saturday two of the large fuel tanks that crashed into the South Main Street bridge were removed.

A third tank was pulled out of the creek where it came to rest behind Goody’s.

Work will continue today to remove the tractor trailers from the bridge so Duke Energy can repair the 3-phase power in the area.