Blue River Crested at 20.15 Feet

Blue River Crested at 20.15 Feet


The recent flooding has provided some record and near record totals for Salem.

Swirling flood waters moved this car downstream on Blue River west of Salem.

WSLM RADIO reported their rainfall totals to the National Weather Service of Louisville on Friday. 

According to station owner Becky White, the WSLM WEATHER STATION measured 5.58 inches in about an hour on Friday afternoon. 

“The rain was coming down in sheets,” said White. “Then there was hail, more rain and hail again.”

That amount of rain was enough to swell Brock Creek and Blue River and other small creeks that raised the flood level to 18 feet in Salem, which was a foot above the 2004 flood. 

According to the US Geological Survey, the Blue River at Salem, IN crested at 20.15 feet just after midnight Friday.

This beats the old record stage for the site by 3 feet