4-H members planning to attend 4-H Camp are taking orders for cheese balls.
Proceeds from the sale of cheese balls will help pay for 4-H Camp registration fees.

The deadline for cheese ball orders will be 4 p.m., Wednesday, March 29th. Call
812-883-4601 to order your cheese balls.

Orders placed through the Extension Office should be picked up between 5-6:30
pm on Wednesday, April 5th. If ordered through a 4-H member, the 4-H member is
responsible for delivering the cheese ball to you.

The cheese balls cost $8 and are made of cream cheese, chipped beef, and
spices. They can be rolled in parsley, pecans, or left plain.

A portion of the sales price of this product will be used to promote Washington County 4-H educational programs.

No endorsement of the product by 4-H is implied or intended.