Air cannon to deter buzzards available this month

Air cannon to deter buzzards available this month


The City of Salem has had an ongoing issue with turkey buzzards causing a nuisance within the city.

Mayor Justin Green said Salem Animal Control has developed a plan with state agency partners to address the problem.

Beginning in March, Animal control will be utilizing an air cannon to act as a deterrent throughout the city.

The cannon emits a loud “boom” and repeats several times.

Mayor Green said the cannon will not injure the birds and is the preferred method of addressing a turkey buzzard problem by other state agencies.

“We understand that these cannons can be loud and hope the use of this method will be effective and short term. The cannon scares the birds, prompting them to flee the area and ideally will send them back to the country to roost,” said Mayor Green.

The air cannon will be utilized on a rolling set-up basis. It will be used randomly until the birds are dispersed.

Mayor Green said the cannon will be used in the evenings, typically between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., starting on the West side of Salem.

Black in color with a distinctive red head, turkey buzzards are also known as turkey vultures.

They feed on carrion and tend to congregate around dead meat. The City encourages residents to keep trash contained in a bin secured with a lid, which will prevent attracting the birds to the area.